Top Knots and Tails was established in 2005, with the knowledge that your pet is an important member of your family. We believe that they deserve the best possible care and most knowledgeable staff when it comes to being groomed.

Whether your pet receives the simplest bath and brush or a quality style with all of our spa treatments, we want you pet to feel indulged and loved. Our selections of shampoos allow us to tailor your pet's bath for his skin care needs. The bath is followed by a towel dry and blowout. Next is the Pawdicure, "No polish please, I like the natural look, Mom." And that may be the end of the journey for some dogs; others will proceed to the Stylist. Lori has learned over years of experience to balance what Mom and Dad want, with what is best for the pet they love.

The plain and simple truth is that your pet doesn't care what he looks like, most of the time. He wants you to love and pet him. That is so much easier when they are clean and fresh.

Whoever you choose for your pet's grooming needs; make sure you are comfortable with them. This will go a long way toward helping to put your pet at ease.

Thank You for considering Top Knots and Tails for your Pet's grooming needs.